Documentary Review: The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of the Dark Knight Trilogy

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Score: 6.3/10

The Fire Rises is a look at Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy of films. It goes behind the scenes and interviews producers, writers and various people connected to the Batman franchise in relation to Nolan’s Batman films. It doesn’t go very in depth and mostly serves as marketing material for the films, but it is nice to get some behind the scenes opinions if you’re a fan of the films.

Nolan’s Batman movies changed a lot of what people thought about superhero films and they did this simply by being great films. While these films had humor, they were primarily dramas. In the past, superhero movies required a certain amount of jokiness and flamboyance in order to be believable to fans. Nolan’s Batman movies got rid of a lot of that flamboyance and successfully portrayed a much more realistic, believable superhero story.

In watching this drama, it becomes clear just how much new ground they broke with these films. Batman Begins was a franchise reboot, something that had not yet been done for superhero movies. I remember that at the time Batman Begins was released, I had no interest in watching it. The prior few Batman movies were so cringeworthy and out there that I just gave up on the idea of watching another Batman movie. To my surprise, all my friends who had seen it loved it. So I watched it and to my surprise, I found a story that somehow successfully told a fairly realistic, believable superhero story.

But Batman Begins was an origin story. The Dark Knight was a true Batman story. I remember I was hyped about this film until I heard that Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. That was incredibly confusing because at the time, Heath had only been in roles as a teenage heartthrob. I’d never seen him in anything more serious or not romantic. Plus, I and everyone else anticipating this movie could not imagine how the Joker would be portrayed. Jack Nicholson had left his mark on the character and anyone else doing the role was hard to imagine. Suffice it to say, I and everyone else who watched it were blown away by Heath’s performance. It was a gritty, realistic, yet entertaining take on the character that no one had yet seen. Heath stole the show and elevated that film to the superhero classic that it is today.

They don’t talk that much about Dark Knight Rises and rightfully so. That wasn’t that great of a film.

Overall, this was a nice walk through memory lane. It’s not in depth, it doesn’t have any big reveals about scandals that went on behind the scenes. It was just a nice chat about some of what went into the films behind the scenes and the thought processes behind many creative decisions.

Anime Movie Review: Violet Evergarden Side Story: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

Details: Also known as Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou and ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 外伝 -永遠と自動手記人形-. More information can be found at and

Details: 7.5/10

Violet Evergarden Side Story: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll does everything the thirteen episode series does, just better. The production values are higher, the visuals are somehow even better, and the story affected me even more than the series did.

Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll takes place after Violet has established herself as an Auto Memory Doll, which is basically a ghostwriter who writes letters for people. A noble from a foreign land has requested Violet become the handmaiden for his daughter at an all girls school for three months. As Violet serves as a handmaiden, she bonds with the noble’s daughter and learns about her tragic past.

Visually, this movie looks even better than the series, which already looked amazing. I think the series even won an award for its visuals. There’s a ton of beautiful scenery and imagery. This movie is fantastic just to look at.

The music is also fantastic. I love a fully orchestrated soundtrack.

The story moved me more than any of the episode from the series. That’s not to say that the series was bad, it was really good. This movie was just even better.

Overall, this movie was beautiful in many ways. It was beautiful to watch, the music was fantastic and the story was meaningful and affecting. I don’t recommend watching this if you haven’t watched the series. If you have watched the series and you enjoyed it in any way, you need to watch this movie.

Movie Review: Yesterday

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Score: 7/10

Yesterday is a romantic comedy that focuses heavily on its premise relating to music of The Beatles. I read somewhere that the majority of its budget was spent getting the rights to play The Beatles’ music and after seeing this movie, that was definitely a necessity for this kind of film. It’s a cute film and a nice excuse to revisit the music of The Beatles.

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Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

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Score: 6.1/10

I watched this movie a while back and generally thought it was trash. I recently revisited this movie again and was surprised that while it isn’t fantastic, it was not as bad as I remembered it.

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Movie Review: Jurassic Park

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Score: 7/10

I remember watching Jurassic Park when it first came out. It was ground breaking. There was literally nothing like it that came before. It did for special effects and animatronics what The Matrix did with special effects and bullet time. Decades later, I decided to give it another watch and while it still holds up (which is a miracle considering how old it is), it’s not as great as I remember it. In many ways, it’s just a stereotypical horror movie where all the problems are caused by the characters doing obviously stupid things. It’s exactly the kind of horror movie I hate the most.

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