Snack Review: Mouth Spicy, Spicy and Crispy Bugles (Chongqing Hotpot Flavor)

Details: I don’t know if that is the actual name of the product. That’s just what I found on the label on the back. Here’s a random site I found on the product:–&atnct1=0f840be9b8db4d3fbd5ba2ce59211f55&atnct2=MYEXXYWx5SG6fksqkbzdzCAOMQCiG7USqlvHexTD4FTwr87b

Score: 6.5/10

The most interesting thing about this product is its packaging. It’s a giant lipstick. Otherwise, this snack is simply spicy Bugles.

It’s fairly spicy. What’s interesting is that it is a slow spice that gets more intense over time and as you eat more bugles. My mouth did not get very spicy, but it really punched me in the back of my throat. Some spice burns your lips, some get you in your mouth, this hits in the back of the throat. As for the Chongqing hotpot flavor, I didn’t really taste any of that.

Overall, not bad, but nothing special other than the packaging.

Here’s some pictures of the back of the bag.

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