Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Stuffed Bagel Minis

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Score: 6.2/10

They basically just made a mini bagel without cutting out the center. Then, they stuffed it with cream cheese. What I’m not sure is whether they heat up the bagel mini first, then fill it with cream cheese or whether they just heat up the whole thing altogether.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Dunkin’s bagel minis are served warm, which means the cream cheese inside is also warm. Warm cream cheese actually isn’t that bad as I’ve had many a toasted bagel and if I don’t eat it fast enough, the heat from the toasted bagel warms up the cream cheese anyways. So if you were to compare the bagel mini to an actual bagel, the warm cream cheese is a nonfactor.

What is a factor is that the bagel minis are not served toasted, just warm. As someone who enjoys the texture of a toasted bagel, this matters to me. Additionally, the bagel mini itself isn’t that great. In terms of taste and texture, an actual bagel is still superior.

There is also the issue of price and quantity. A regular bagel with cream cheese is about two dollars. A single serving of bagel minis which come with two bagel minis stuffed with cream cheese and comes out to about two dollars and fifty cents. The two bagel bites combined are actually about the size of a single bagel. Considering that the regular bagel still tastes better than a bagel mini, you’re probably better off just buying a bagel rather than an order of bagel minis.

Overall, just get a bagel. It’s superior in every way to the bagel minis. The only reason I can think of where’d I’d rather get bagel minis is if I’m in a rush somewhere and I need to eat while I run there. A regular bagel may drip cream cheese while all the cream cheese in inside the bagel minis, which is cleaner and easier to eat.

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