Snack Review: Te Chang Food Tofu (Bean Curd) Cake (Artificial Beef Flavor)

Details: This was one of the top Google search results:

Score: 6/10

This product is essentially vegetarian jerky. It has a similar consistency and if you believe the ingredients list on the back, this is clearly vegetarian.

The taste is Asian-y, but obscenely sweet and a little salty. I don’t really taste the beef flavor, but I do taste the soy sauce and sugar added.

The main attraction here is the texture. It’s chewy, but no where near as chewy or hard as actual jerky. It’s chewy enough to give it some bite, but not enough to give you any difficulty in eating it.

Overall, this was okay. It just so happened I was in the mood for some tofu/gluten-y foods and this really hit the spot. I think this would’ve been better if it was spicy, but it wasn’t. There are however, many other brands of tofu cake and most of them are very spicy. I just happened to feel like trying this one.

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