Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Golden Peach Coconut Refresher

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Score: 7/10

Dunkin’ has recently made a push to attract vegan customers and the core of that push is the addition of coconut milk to the menu.

I recently tried all three of these refreshers and the Golden Peach is the my favorite by far. Each refresher combines two flavors and the Golden Peach combines peach with passions fruit. I love peaches and the flavor of passion fruit so this was great. It’s about equal parts peach and equal parts passion fruit flavor.

The drink itself is simply coconut milk with the peach/passion fruit flavor, which I imagine comes in a very unnatural looking syrup. Coconut milk by itself is a lot like coconut water, which means it has little to no taste. It’s simply there to imitate the density and feeling milk gives when you drink. Remember, these products are meant to entice vegans and there is little that vegans enjoy more than food that imitates food that they are supposed to feel guilty about eating. In this case, the imitation is of milk.

Overall, this is great and I would get it again. I just enjoy the taste of that sweet, likely artificially flavored syrup. It’s the same with passion fruit bubble teas. I will however say that this products is not worth five dollars or more. I mention that because Dunkin’ is currently having a promotion where all these refreshers are priced at three dollars. That promotion ends in a few weeks.

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