Snack Review: Mong Lee Shang Taiwan Mochi

Details: This was the first search result I found on Google: . I did not buy this from Amazon, but from a local supermarket for a lower price.

Score: 7/10

This was pretty good. It’s a variety pack with three flavors. The top row is sesame/peanut flavored. The middle one is filled with red bean paste. The bottom row is black sesame filled. All were very delicious. My personal favorite is the black sesame.

Edit: I realize after reading this that I should probably describe the item better. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is usually served as a dessert or a treat. It’s made by mashing cooked, white glutinous rice until it gets a soft, doughy consistency. That rice is then shaped as the baker sees fit into whatever desserts they seek to prepare. The most common form is mochi. It’s basically a really soft, dumpling, often filled with a sweet filling, as was the case for this product. It’s a delicious dessert that children usually enjoy. The ones I ate were very sweet as the filling were very sweet, but there are many variety that are far less sweet. The main attraction of those versions is the chewiness of the mochi. My favorite form of mochi is when it’s filled with ice cream.

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