Frozen Snack Review: Lotte Ice Yogurt

Details: This was the first result from Google:

Score: 7/10

Lotte Yogurt products have gotten a little more popular recently because of a Netflix show. Before that show came out, Lotte Yogurt drinks was already very popular among Asian kids.

For those unaware, Lotte Yogurt drinks are a soft drink often popular with children in East Asian countries. It usually comes in a small, plastic battle perfect for children to consume. It’s not actually yogurt by western standards. It’s a liquid, dairy based drink with some citric acid added for flavor.

The thing I’m reviewing is the frozen ice version or this drink. They basically took this stuff, loaded in a big bag shaped like the original container and froze it. And it’s still pretty good. Actually, I’ve had the small bottled version many times and supermarkets often frozen them anyway, probably for preservation reasons. It tastes good either way.

Overall, a nice treat for a warm day. There is no difference between this and the small bottled version. This one is just packaged in a way that makes consuming it frozen more convenient.

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