Snack Review: Judy’s Bakery Shop Egg Yolk Pastry

Details: Bought it in a supermarket. Incorporated address is 1013 Napfle Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Couldn’t find a website.

Score: 7/10

I saw this in an Asian supermarket and felt like giving it a try. It’s basically a coconut mash/crumble wrapped in extremely flaky puff pastry. I hesitate to call it puff pastry because I think puff pastry is 50% butter and 50% flour, but this probably had more butter than flour because it was extremely flaky. The outside layers easily just fall apart.

Inside the coconut mash is a salted egg yolk. That may sound unusual to people not used to eggs in their desserts, but keep in mind eggs are an integral part of baking. They are in almost all baked goods, including cakes and cookies. In this dessert, the saltiness of the egg yolk really helps contrast with the sweetness with the rest of this crumbly dessert. Kind of like how many bakers put salt on their chocolate chip cookies, the contrast helps enhance the flavor.

What was particularly impressive about this is how complex the flavor of the coconut mash was. I looked on the back of the packaging and some of the ingredients were mong bean, red bean, white lotus, rose, jasmine, coconut, osmanthus, taro, and purple sweet potato. There’s a lot going on here and all of it delicious.

The only thing discouraging is the price. It cost about six dollars for six small pieces. For that price, It may be better to go to an actual local bakery and by a freshly baked dessert rather than something that’s been packaged, shipped and sat on a shelf for at least a week or two.

Overall, this was pretty good. Price could be cheaper, but it’s still not terrible. I’d buy this again.

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