Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Stout Cold Brew With Sweet Cold Foam

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Score: 6.3/10

Dunkin’ has recently pushed a promotion involving sweet cold foam topped onto coffee and it reminds me a lot of a recent, similar trend involving Taiwanese bubble tea (or boba).

A while ago, the concept of a “cheese” bubble tea became very popular among Asian bubble tea places. Ignore the “cheese” part because that is just a poor bit of translation and branding. It has nothing to do with cheese like American or provolone or anything like that (maybe a little bit like cheesecake conceptually). It was instead a very sweet, dense, creamy foam that was poured onto and floated on the top of either hot or iced teas. The instructed way of drinking something like this was to sip it so that you would get a taste of the foam and tea at the same time. Over time, the foam would mix with the tea and it would act as both a creamer and a sweetener.

Dunkin’s cold foam is basically the exact same idea except that it involves coffee, not tea. Dunkin’ has wisely done away with the “cheese” theme and just named it sweet foam.

In the case of the Chocolate Stout Cold Brew With Sweet Cold Foam, the taste is pretty good. The only issue I had with this drink is that it was far too sweet. A common issue is that cold drink make it hard to mix sweetener and coffee, meaning that most of the sweetener just sits at the bottom, waiting to be drunk at the end and overwhelming your taste buds. Another issue is that Dunkin’ has a default amount of flavor sweetener that they add and that amount is usually too sweet for me. Fortunately, you can lessen the amount of sweetener to suit your tastes. For this drink, I definitely recommend requesting less chocolate flavoring because it is way too sweet.

The foam itself is not that sweet. I find that while nice, I would’ve liked a bit more of it on my coffee and I would’ve liked it to be a little denser.

My only other complaint is that they remove a lot of coffee to allow for the foam. In other words, there’s a lot less coffee in this drink versus other drinks that don’t have foam.

Overall, this was a nice drink, though very familiar. I drank my fair share of cheese bubble teas, so the concept of sweet foam is not foreign to me. If I were to compare the two, I think Taiwanese style cheese teas are a much better tasting balance of sweet foam and tea than Dunkin’s blend of sweet foam and coffee. But it’s still a good idea and a decent drink.

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