Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Donuts Blueberry Iced Matcha Latte

Details: More information can be found at

Score: 5.4/10

Dunkin’ Donuts started a new promotion for matcha themed food and drinks. If you don’t know, matcha is basically Japanese style finely ground green tea leaves. In east Asian countries, people love matcha. There’s supposed to be some sort of vague health benefit associated with green tea, but I’m not sure about any of that.

In any case, this drink was pretty bad. Most of the blame falls on the blueberry flavor swirls. People who like matcha want to taste the green tea flavor. The blueberry flavor not only covers that up, it tastes incredibly artificial by itself. It rivals the nasty coconut flavor swirl/shot that Dunkin’ also has. It’s just not good. Even without the blueberry, I barely tasted any of the green tea flavor in this drink at all. For the purposes of this drink, the matcha was simply food coloring.

Overall, this is a bad drink. Blueberry and matcha don’t mix, the blueberry flavoring is bad by itself, and even if you took out the blueberry, I doubt you’d be able to taste any of that matcha flavor. Don’t bother wasting your money on this.

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