Manhwa Review: SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as SSS급 자살헌터.

Score: 6.9/10

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter starts off as a refreshing take on the overdone Korean-isekai-dungeon-raiding genre. Sadly, this only applies to the first one or two story arcs before settling in the same old redundant narrative pattern that all manhwa comics in this genre fall into.

Kind of like Tower of God, our protagonist lives in a tower, which is like this multidimensional construct with multiple floors. Each floor is like a separate world. There are lots of other people in this tower and their goal is all the same: they want to ascend the tower and obtain power, glory, or whatever it is at the top of the tower. Anyone who enters the tower is granted powers, except that our protagonist has not yet been granted one. One day while consumed with envy, our protagonist gets the power to steal an ability from another player, but it only activates when he’s killed by that player. He is later killed by that player and gains the power to reborn. So begins a story where the protagonist dies over and over again in order to gain more abilities, grow stronger and ascend the tower.

The strongest part of this comic is the concept. The idea of being killed in order to get stronger is interesting. Unfortunately, it just turns into slightly more creative take similar to the anime Re:Zero or the movie Groundhog’s Day. There was some real revenge film vibes at first, but then it just turns into doing tasks and climbing the tower… which I’ve read plenty of times in other web comics.

The art is good and that is a good selling point.

Overall, this is just another standard genre comic that starts off okay, but falls back into tropes later on. I’ll still keep up with it because the art is good and the hope that it’ll try something different than what the other comics in this genre are doing.

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