Manga Review: Rebuild World

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as Ribirudo Waarudo, Sekai O Sai Kōchiku and リビルドワールド.

Score: 7/10

Rebuild World is a science fiction story that takes place in a post apocalyptic world. The world is actually a lot like the world in Alita: Battle Angel.

Sometime after the fall of civilization, large walled cities where the wealthy live have arisen. Outside these walls are the slums where the poor live. Life is hard here and many people become hunters, people who search the ruins of the old civilization for relic and technology from the old civilization. Our protagonist is a young boy who decides to risk his life and search the ruins for relics in order to make money. As he’s searching these relics, a virtual woman appears to him that only he can see. The woman proposes a contract where in exchange for the support she will provide to him, the protagonist must got to a certain place in the ruins. And so a deal is made involving a lot of monsters, bullets and death.

The story focuses on the mystery of who this virtual woman is, but that’s the overarching plot that we occasionally touch upon. The real story is about the protagonists attempts to grow stronger and make his way in this world. There is also a lot of world building as the story goes on. It’s a decent science fiction story.

The art is pretty good. There is a lot of fan service so prepare yourself for that. No nudity though, except for some butts.

Overall, an entertaining read. I’ve been reading so many isekai and fantasy stories that it was nice to just read a plain old post apocalyptic science fiction story. There are some elements of isekai though such as the protagonist suddenly becoming extremely strong due to the assistance of the virtual woman. It’s still mostly science fiction and action.

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