Supermarket Food Review: BJ’s Wholesale Club Perdue Rotisserie Chicken

Details: Official site is

Score: 6.8/10

I read somewhere that the first wholesale club to sell whole rotisserie chickens for cheap was Costco. What they and the rest of their competitors realized was that selling cheap rotisserie chickens brought a lot of foot traffic into the store. This would then cause even more purchases because who goes to a wholesale club just to buy one thing only? Since that realization was made, many supermarkets and wholesale clubs have adopted the same item in hopes of attracting the same results.

BJ’s is no exception. Like Costco, BJ’s sells Perdue branded, rotisserie chickens for just five dollars. This five dollar price point is significant and impressive for many reasons. I read somewhere, that a five dollar rotisserie chicken is an item that is sold by wholesalers at a loss. It is meant to be promotional (brings in customers) and brand defining (gives off that vibe that BJ’s cares about customers). The result is a cheap, decent qualitied item that is well worth it’s price.

However, when buying on these chickens, the same rules apply as with buying any other food item. Quality may vary. The specific chicken I bought was not terrible, but not that good either. You need to keep in mind that they make these chickens earlier in the day and the best time to buy one is around then. I bought mine at around 5:00 PM, so it had been sitting there for a while and I could taste it. Also, while preparation is similar, different chickens end up with different results. Some chickens on display were whole while others looked like the pieces came from different chickens. Some looked over done while others did not. It just depends. The one I got looked a little over done. You have to pick wisely.

Overall, the five dollar rotisserie chicken is perhaps their best deal. Whether or not it’s worth it to you will depend on the time and circumstances around the chicken you buy. Personally, I will never buy another chicken unless I buy it at 12:00 PM or earlier. Further, I will be far more scrutinizing on the quality of the next chicken I buy.

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