Manga Review: The World Is Full of Monsters Now, Therefore I Want to Live as I Wish

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as Monster ga Afureru Sekai ni Natta Node Suki ni Ikitai to Omoimasu, モンスターがあふれる世界になったので、好きに生きたいと思います

Score: 6.7/10

This is another standard isekai genre story that hits all the tropes you’d expect from this genre.

The story takes place in Japan and focuses on a high school student. The world has collapsed and monsters have started invading the world. People have started to awaken to powers similar to role playing game characters. Our protagonist must now try to survive in a post apocalyptic world with his new powers.

I’ve read this type of story so many times and yet I keep coming back. I’m just a sucker for this genre. What this story does do slightly differently is that it is in a post apocalyptic world, though the world collapsed not too long ago so it doesn’t take place in the distant future. It feels a lot like a Walking Dead story mixed with isekai. There’s a lot of scavenging and while monsters are dangerous, the most dangerous thing are other players and their abilities.

Overall, it’s a decent story. I like the genre so I will read this. If you’ve never read another isekai story before or enjoyed the Walking Dead, then maybe give this a shot.

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