Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Big Mac

Details: Official site is

Score: 6.3/10

I recently had a Big Mac and I was just disappointed. I read somewhere that a cost cutting measure many business go through is to keep prices about the same and make serving sizes smaller. It seems like that’s what they did with the Big Mac.

From what I could tell, the Big Mac was noticeably smaller than Big Mac’s I’ve had before. Maybe if was just my imagination, but the quantity of food with this sandwich was unsatisfying.

As for taste, you’re pretty much getting a Big Mac if you like the taste of thousand island dressing. That’s what the secret sauce tastes like to me. If you don’t like thousand island dressing, there’s no reason to get a Big Mac.

Overall, I would not get a Big Mac unless there was a special deal for it. Last time I got one, I used a coupon for it and it cost me two dollars. Otherwise, I would never order it.

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