Fast Food Review: Popeyes Wicked Shrimp

Details: Official site is

Score: 6.7/10

Wicked Shrimp is Popeyes answer to their lackluster popcorn shrimp. It is seemingly larger shrimp with some spice and flavor added to it. It’s spicy without being overwhelming, which would be difficult to over spice because it is frozen shrimp and flavor does get lost over time.

Overall, this was okay. It’s certainly better than their popcorn shrimp, which are small and mostly batter. This is still mostly batter, but the shrimp are bigger and have more flavor. It’s also priced pretty well. I got a five dollar Surf and Turf box where I got it Wicked Shrimp, chicken tenders, a biscuit and a small side. Not bad for five dollars.

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