Manhwa Review: Mercenary Enrollment

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as 입학용병

Score: 7/10

Mercenary Enrollment is a web comic about a mercenary who starts going to school in South Korea. I’ve only read a few issues, but I’m getting a lot of John Wick vibes… just in a Korean high school setting.

Mercenary Enrollment is part of a newer offshoot of the isekai genre. You could argue that it is its own genre as established by anime like Full Metal Panic! Either way, stories in this genre generally follow a military veteran (usually high school aged) being transported to a civilian setting, usually high school. The protagonist, teenaged, military veteran then uses the skills they acquired in combat in the civilian setting. While Full Metal Panic! explored this dynamic through comedy, most of the Korean web comics use this for action and drama. Mercenary Enrollment goes the dramatic route and ends up coming off as a John Wick-esque revenge story… at least so far. As said above, I’ve only read a few issues.

The story is about a young Korean who lost his parents in a plane crash. The kid somehow ends up in a war torn part of the world and grows up to be a top, teenage mercenary (yes, I know how stupid that sounds). Somehow, the kids reunites with his family and decides to live a quiet life with his family. As he attends school for the first time, he learns that some kids are viciously bullying other students, especially his sister. Now, this teenage mercenary is prepared to use all his military skills to do whatever is necessary to protect his family.

I’ve only read through the first story arc and it’s a classic revenge plot. People keep threatening him and his sister so he goes around beating the crap out of all the jerks threatening her. Like any good revenge story, this comic does a great job portraying the bullies as bad guys. You really want to see these bad guys get their comeuppance as they commit extremely petty, vicious acts against the protagonist’s sister. And when he finally does get revenge, it is very satisfying to watch the bad guys get it.

The art is also very good.

Overall, I enjoy the story so far and I’m interest in seeing where it goes. The only issue I have is that I hope it doesn’t turn into a generic genre story. God of Blackfield is another story with a similar premise and I hope Mercenary Enrollment deviates from that kind of generic plot and tries to tell its own story.

One thought on “Manhwa Review: Mercenary Enrollment

  1. Xiao Faye February 8, 2021 / 10:40 pm

    This review is a trash. You sure you read it? IT’S NOT EVEN AN ISEKAI STORY. The MC was never isekaid. He was just trained to be a mercenary at a young age in order to survive—AND HE HAS NO SUCH THOUGHTS OF AVENGING ANYONE. THIS IS NOT A REVENGE STORY. EITHER TAKE THIS REVIEW DOWN OR READ THE STORY AGAIN AND EDIT. Stop spreading your idiocy and people might be missing out on this gem after seeing your trash of a review. IT’S VERY CLEAR YOU DID NOT READ OR FINISH EVEN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF THE MANHWA. Stop making reviews if you are this ignorant—just because isekai genre is popular nowadays does not mean every OP character is isekaid. THE MC AND HIS PARENTS GOT INTO PLANE CRASH AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SURVIVED. HE LOST HIS MEMORIES BUT CAME BACK IN KOREA TO BE WITH HIS LIL SIS AND GRANDPA THAT WAS NOT WITH THEM ON THE ACCIDENT. THIS MANHWA IS HIGH SCHOOL ACTION AND FILIAL LOVE. NO ISEKAI AND NO REVENGE. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. The audacity to make a review—


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