Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth

Details: Written by Paul Dini and Alex Ross with art by Alex Ross. More information can be found at

Score: 7.6/10

Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth is a graphic novel from Alex Ross. He’s also worked on a Batman and Superman book in the same vein as this book. All were fantastic exhibitions of his art.

Alex Ross’ art in the comic book world is famous and revered. He uses a painterly style and portrays superheroes in a unique, almost mythological way. Heroes aren’t drawn to look like professional body builders. They look more like ordinary people, yet they don’t due to how Ross portrays them. They look… mythical.

Like the Batman and Superman books, this book seeks to tell a short story about what Wonder Woman is all about. There are many iterations of Wonder Woman, but this one goes back to a more ridiculous version, invisible jet and all. And yet, it is all more believable due to how awesome Ross’ art is. The story is decent though. It’s written by the legendary Paul Dini of Batman: The Animated series fame. It tells a decent, contemporary story about how Wonder Woman fits in a modern world. While the story is fine, it all comes back to the art.

The art is fantastic. Instead of a bunch of squares where each one contains it’s own image, it’s clear that Ross was given free reign to just draw to his hearts content. Every image in this book is a two page spread showcasing Ross’s art. There is very little separation. It’s just splash page after splash page. You could frame every image in this book. This is really more of an art book than a story.

Overall, this was a great book that showcases Ross’ art. The story isn’t bad, but I mostly got my enjoyment just from looking at the pretty pictures.

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