TV Show Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks

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Score: 7/10

Star Trek: Lower Decks is an animated sitcom that takes place in the Star Trek universe. It’s mostly a show for Star Trek fans and revisits a lot of source material longtime fans will be familiar with.

Lower Decks is about the underlings on a Star Trek spaceship. On most Star Trek shows, you only get familiar with the core cast of characters, who are usually the officers on the ship. Lower Decks explores the lives of the lower ranked members of Starfleet and what happens to them when the ship gets into trouble.

Lower Decks is primarily a comedy that seeks to provide constant fan service to longtime Star Trek fans. We tread over a lot of Star Trek history here, mostly in passing. There’s also a lot of guest appearance by old Star Trek actors. This was kind of nice.

What surprised me was that at the shows core, there was still a fairly entertaining sitcom that focused on the relationships between the core cast. It’s a surprisingly funny show.

Overall, I enjoyed Lower Decks. I wonder if I would find it as enjoyable if I didn’t like Star Trek. Most likely, I wouldn’t like the show. But since I have enjoyed Star Trek in the past and I do get some of the references, I enjoyed this show greatly. If you aren’t a Star Trek fan, you probably will not enjoy it as much as I did. You maybe shouldn’t even watch it.

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