Manga Review: Katabami to Ougon

Details: This series is currently ongoing. Also known as 片喰と黄金

Score: 7/10

Katabami to Ougon is a Japanese comic book about two Irish immigrants in the middle of the 1800’s. I generally enjoy historical dramas and this one is no exception.

The story takes place during the Irish Famine in the 1800’s. An Irish girl and boy survive the famine, immigrate to the United States and seek to reach California, find gold and get rich.

This comic is primarily meant to give a glimpse of the experience of immigrants in the United States in the mid 1800’s. It does not shy away from a lot of the ugliness of that era. For instance, many immigrants died from illness on the trip from Europe to America and the story shows a bit of that horror. With that said, this is still a Japanese manga so there are bits of humor in it as well. You should also expect to see our protagonist bump into famous figures from history. Even though it is kind of ridiculous that two random people would conveniently bump into the famous people of that era, it is still fun to see.

The art is pretty good and fits the tone of the story well.

Overall, this is a great comic that I will follow along with. I’ve only read a few issues, so my opinion isn’t steadfast. So far, I really enjoyed what I read.

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