Manhwa Review: Max Level Returner

Details: Also known as 나 혼자 만렙 귀환자. Currently ongoing.

Score: 7/10

Max Level Returner is yet another isekai Korean manhwa about someone who dies and gets transported to a fantasy world.

Our protagonist is living in present day South Korea when him and like a million other people from around the world get transported to a fantasy world that is governed by the rules of a role playing video game. They fight for a few years, but all of them die off until only the protagonist is left. Then he dies and is transported back to the real world. He learns that when anyone dies, they get sent back. Now monsters are invading the real world and he and the returned people are the only hope.

It’s all fairly generic Korean manhwa. Like in a lot of comics from this genre, there’s an emphasis on international politics. In case you didn’t know, Korean and Japanese currently don’t like each other that much. That comes through in a lot of Korean manhwa because Korean comic authors love portraying the Japanese as bad and crapping on them in their stories. There’s a bit of that here (as in Solo Leveling).

The art is fine. It does not rise to the level of Solo Leveling, which is a comparison I make because the story is similar and in the same genre.

Overall, this is a generic Korean manhwa. I read it because I’m a sucker for this genre, but that doesn’t mean it is good. It means my standards are low.

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