Comic Book Review: X-Men/Fantastic Four (2020)

The relevant part of the video above starts at around 2:40.

Details: This miniseries is currently complete. More information can be found at

Score: 6.3/10

This was a very generic superhero team up story that played out exactly how superhero team up stories always play out. Two groups of good guys have a misunderstanding and fight each other, then a bigger bad guy shows up and they have to team up against them. It’s a mundane story only buttressed by the last few panel in the final issue.

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm and a member of the Fantastic Four. All mutants have united and created a nation where all mutants are welcome. Franklin decides he wants to visit Krakoa and his parents are against it because it seems like a big mutant cult… which it kind of is. Doctor Doom somehow gets involved and they have to team up to fight him. Also worth mentioning is that Franklin is known as one of the most powerful beings in the universe, so everyone benefits from getting him on their side.

The whole conflict feels about as stupid as Civil War or any other superhero team up story. I don’t know why writers feel the need to do this, but they always come up with some dumb idea for disagreement. This is probably because you eventually want the two sides to team up, so you can never have the conflict be too heinous because your publisher will want to return everyone to the former status quo eventually. You can’t have long lasting bad blood.

In any case, their disagreement is dumb. Doom’s involvement makes sense, but is also kind of dumb.

The only panels that had any impact on me were the last few panels between Reed and Professor X. It gave me Illuminati vibes and showed how the X-Men are a bit more ruthless now than they have been.

Overall, this is a skippable story meant to show how the X-Men and the Fantastic Four get along in this new X-Men paradigm. It doesn’t do a great job of that.

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