Comic Book Review: Marauders (2019)

Details: This series is currently ongoing. More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

Of the many X-Men books that spawned from House of X and Powers of X, Marauders is one of the books that best held my interest. I think it’s because of how they set up the protagonist of this story, Kitty Pryde.

All the mutants in the Marvel universe have united and formed their own country, Krakoa. From Krakoa, new technologies have arisen such as the use of gates to teleport from on location to another and the ability to resurrect any mutant who died. Kitty Pryde, a key member of the X-Men, is seemingly unable to use these gates and is forced to take the long way to travel around. Seeing as how she cannot travel quickly, the ruling council of Krakoa decides to make Kitty captain of a ship to ferry other mutant refugees unable to use the gates to reach Krakoa.

Kitty has always been a fan favorite character, even more so for me after Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men. This new series seeks to portray Kitty as the badass she is while also shining a light on the politics of the fledgling Krakoa.

What I like about this series is the portrayal of Kitty and how everyone reacts to her. One of the technologies that came out of forming Krakoa is the ability to resurrect any mutant who died. However, since Kitty can’t use the gates, there’s a general feeling that she may also not be able to resurrect. This makes all of her friends and loved ones extremely fearful for her because if she dies, she may never come back.

Also interesting is the internal politics of this new nation. Specifically, Sebastion Shaw, formerly the Black King of the Hellfire Club is in focus and his machinations show that just because all mutants live in peace officially, bad guys can still be bad guys.

The art is great and fits the tone of the book well.

Overall, this is one of the only two X-Men books that I’ve enjoyed since House of X and Powers of X finished. With the developments in issue twelve, I look forward to the politicking and comeuppance that will certainly come in future issues.

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