Comic Book Review: DCEASED (2019)

Details: Currently complete. More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

DCEASED is DC Comics’ answer to Marvel Zombies, a very successful series for Marvel that spawned a bunch of spinoffs.

DCEASED is a post apocalyptic alternate world story. In this alternate world, the anti life equation is infected the world and turned everyone into mindless zombies. We now get to watch the DC Universe fall apart.

This is one of those end of the world stories where we get to watch a lot of our favorite DC characters die horribly. I feel like this type of story has been done to death. Even still, this was mildly entertaining because the quality of the art and the story were decent. I don’t what it is, but these kinds of story remain entertaining no matter how many times they are told.

Overall, this was okay. It seems that DC wants to spin this off into a bunch of other books. I guess I’ll read along.

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