Snack Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt Peaches & Cream Blended

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Score: 6.5/10

When Chobani yogurt first came out, it tasted very different. It was marketed as a pseudo health food. I tried it out early on and I found it unpalatable. The yogurt was meant for health foodies and so was unsweetened. The fruit was kept in a separate part of the yogurt cup and was meant to be mixed with the yogurt. I think they even advertised how all natural the fruit was at the time or something like that. I can’t recall exactly.

Anyways, a decade later and Chobani has seemingly abandoned any pretense of being good for you. The yogurt has abandoned its sugar free ways and adopted the sugar-full ways of companies like Dannon and the other well known yogurt companies. Now, Chobani is yet another diabetes inducing option in the cold aisle of your supermarket.

The flavor of Chobani yogurt I’m reviewing in this post is the Peaches & Cream flavor. Something you should be aware of is that when Chobani adds the word “cream” to the name of any of their yogurts, that means there are no pieces of fruit in the yogurt. The yogurt is either mixed extremely well so as to disappear the original ingredient into the yogurt or a such a small amount of the original ingredient was added that you would be unable to find it in the yogurt. The taste of peaches is there, but no actual chucks of peaches will be found.

Overall, this yogurt was fine. Whether you’ll like this yogurt depends on whether you like sugar because this yogurt is very sweet. Also, if you like actual chunks of peaches in your peach yogurt, you will also be disappointed by this brand. Remember, if it says “cream” in the name of the Chobani yogurt, you will not find and actual chunks of the ingredient in the yogurt.

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