Comic Book Review: X of Swords: Creation (2020) #1

Details: Currently ongoing. More information can be found at

Score: 7.2/10

I’ve been mostly dissapointed by the various X-Men books that were spawned after House of X and Powers of X. I was expecting a tighter, more expansive story. Instead, we get little character moments that are sometimes entertaining, other times boring. There seems to be a lack of an overarching plot. X of Swords changes that and we finally get that main plot line I wanted along with some well drawn action.

As has been established by the other X-Men books currently being published, all the mutants around the world, good and bad, have united and formed their own country. Apocalypse, a former super villain has become and ally and built an interdimensional gate in hopes of saving mutants he’d abandoned in the past. That gate now threatens to unleash an army on the fledgling mutant nation unless the X-Men defeat them in a ten versus ten tournament… involving swords.

It’s a wild story that if told by anyone else or drawn by someone else, probably wouldn’t make sense. But the story is written by Hickman and delivered in a digestible, believable way. The art is drawn by Pepe Larraz and successfully conveys the expansiveness of the story as well as the freneticism of the action.

It’s a fun book and the first big crossover adventure for the current era of X-Men. As in all the other ongoing X-Men books, we get cameos from little known X-Men characters that force the reader to go do some Google-fu and learn more about the franchise. In this book, the character Unus was one that was outside my awareness. I never heard of him and after some internet searching, was surprised by how powerful he was. This guy went toe to toe with the Hulk before.

Overall, I haven’t been excited for an X-Men story like this since House of X and Powers of X. The ongoing series that spawned from that event have been mostly a let down in comparison to the books that spawned them. X Of Swords is a more focused story that clearly has its own plotline to follow. I look forward to the upcoming issues of this story.

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