Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets

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Score : 5.8/10

All fast food chicken nuggets are pretty much the same. They take the nastiest parts of the chicken, like the toenails internal organs and whatever other scraps, then mash them together into a paste and then shape them into nuggets. They’re all made the same way and they all taste mostly the same. The only issue when it comes to fast food chicken nuggets is the price. In this regard, McDonald’s fails.

In my neighborhood, you can buy six spicy nuggets for $2.99, ten nuggets for about $4.99, twenty nuggets for about $6.69 (they will not let you order this after midnight) and forty pieces for $12.99 (strangely, they have no problem with an order of this size after midnight). Thus, the best deal is to order twenty nuggets at a time (before midnight). However, I am never in the mood to eat twenty nuggets. I usually just want a single serving to go with my combo meal.

For comparison, at Wendy’s, you can get a four piece spicy chicken nuggets for $1.29, a six piece for for $1.79 and a ten piece for $3.09. The pricing is vastly superior (if you order twenty at Wendy’s, the cost is about the same) and the taste is pretty much the same.

Oh and I can’t tell you about the sauce that was supposed to come with the nuggets because they ran out. Of course they ran out. They run out of every promotion they’ve ever come up with. Why even bother.

In conclusion, buying spicy chicken nuggets at McDonald’s is stupid unless you are buying at least twenty, which you can only do before midnight. For that reason, McDonald’s fails in the spicy chicken nugget department.

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