Fast Food Review: McDonald’s, The Travis Scott Meal

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Score: 7/10

The Travis Scott Meal is the single best item on the McDonald’s menu at this time… even if they somehow mess up the order every single time. Keep in mind that starting September 22, 2020, you will only be able to order this meal through the mobile app.

It’s a six dollar meal that comes with a quarter pounder (for comparison, the big mac uses two 1/8 pound patties and normal hamburgers use a single 1/8 patty; the quarter pounder uses… a quarter pound patty) with cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard. It also comes with a medium fries with a side of barbecue sauce and a medium sprite.

This is what I order and what I hope to get every single time. Then they screw up the order, every single time.

For example, this last time I ordered the thing they gave me a quarter pounder with all the correct toppings, except that they put barbecue sauce on it instead of ketchup and mustard. They forgot the side of barbecue sauce, probably because they put it on the burger instead. Also, they no longer give out medium fountain sodas, but give out a bottled twenty ounce soda instead. You can get a coke or a sprite, which is nice I guess.

Even with the screw ups, this meal remains the single best tasting and costing item on the McDonald’s menu. A normal quarter pounder combo meal costs around ten dollars. That’s four dollars more for a burger with no lettuce, onions, pickles or mustard. The substitution of a fountain soda for a bottled twenty ounce soda isn’t a big loss since most people would likely prefer that instead of the ice. As for the side of barbecue sauce, if you go on online message boards, it seems that they “forget” the sauce for almost everyone’s order… or maybe they just decided to cut that part out. Even still, it’s a damn good deal in comparison to everything else on the McDonald’s menu.

Overall, if you go to McDonald’s for a burger or a combo meal, this is the only thing you should get. It is still inferior to Wendy’s 4 for $4 meal or Burger King’s $5 Whopper meal (which you can get through offers on the mobile app), but at least McDonald’s has a decently priced item now whereas it had almost nothing before (they gutted the value menu a while ago).

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