Manga Review: The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as どうしても破滅したくない悪役令嬢が現代兵器を手にした結果がこれです

Score: 6.2/10

This comic is the first comic I’ve read of the new popular genre, “The Villainess.” It’s an offshoot of the isekai genre where a girl is reborn into the fantasy world of a novel (or comic, dating sim, etc.) and instead of being born as the protagonist of that story, is born as the villainess. It’s a genre that primarily targets female audiences and seeks to create some isekai stories that girls can get into, since most isekai stories are fan service filled stories about male protagonists.

In this story, we follow a girl who is reborn into the world of a dating sim game that she’s played before. Instead of being reborn into the role of the main character, she’s reborn as the antagonist. She decides that instead of settling for her inevitable defeat, she will carve her own path and defy the story where she will lose. Also worth mentioning is that she is a gun nut and seeks to import the firearms technology from the modern world into this fantasy world.

The story wasn’t that great for me and the likely reason for this is because I am a guy. This story is about a girl, her love of guns, and of course a lot of cute guys who have seemingly have a crush on her. As a straight guy, I just find a lot of this uninteresting and something I don’t relate to or enjoy. I imagine that girl who reads harem manga may feel similarly to how I feel about this story.

The art is fine. Nothing spectacular.

Overall, I found the story mostly boring. I’m not sure if it’s because the story is boring or if I am simply not the target audience.

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