Cereal Review: Apple Jacks

Details: More information can be found at https://www.kelloggs.com/en_US/brands/apple-jacks-consumer-brand.html

Score: 6/10

I remember Apple Jacks being a much better cereal when I was a kid. After eating some recently, I can’t say that this cereal is all that great. It’s just some average, generic cereal. I’m trying to think of something unique about this cereal which would make a consumer purchase it, but I can’t think of anything. Despite it’s packaging, there’s just nothing special about this cereal. It just tastes… flat. At least it’s not obscenely sweet, like Golden Crisp.

A small tip for anyone eating this brand of cereal: let it sit in the milk for like thirty seconds. Otherwise, this stuff can destroy your gums and the roof of your mouth. For a donut shaped cereal, this stuff is sharp.

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