Cereal Review: Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries

Details: More information can be found at https://www.specialk.com/en_US/products/cereal/red-berries-cereal.html

Score: 5.3/10

I understand what they were trying to do here. They wanted to put strawberries in cereal, but they couldn’t figure out how to keep the strawberries from going bad. They ultimately decided to dehydrate the strawberries. It’s a nice attempt, but the execution is lacking.

The ultimate result are these gooey, sugar-filled strawberries that play havoc with your teeth. They get stuck everywhere. The rest of the cereal is just ordinary corn flakes. This just isn’t a great cereal.

I even tried letting the strawberries sit in the milk in the hopes they would rehydrate them. That mostly failed. Even worse, the corn flakes got soggy.

Overall, this just isn’t a well thought out brand of cereal.

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