Cereal Review: Honey Nut Cheerios

Details: More information can be found at https://www.cheerios.com/products/honey-nut-cheerios/

Score: 7/10

Honey Nut Cheerios are one of my favorite brands or cereal for one main reason: brown sugar.

What I’ve realized is that almost all cereals in America are basically made of the same things, but in different shapes. That main thing is either oats or wheat. What separates a cereal from another brand is the look and taste of the cereal.

Honey Nut Cheerios separates itself from the pack with brown sugar and honey. If you are familiar with a Taiwanese beverage known as bubble tea or boba, then you may be aware that one of the most popular current trends with the beverage is the mixture of milk with brown sugar. It’s just a delicious combination. When you mix Honey Nut Cheerios with milk, you essentially get the same or similar taste. It’s delicious.

What I also like about Cheerios is that they do not get soggy as fast because of their shape. There are some cereals where the shape of the cereal is thin and flat, ensuring that it will become soggy extra fast. The donut shape of Cheerios ensures that this happens far more slowly than cereal brands like Corn Flakes or Raison Bran.

Overall, this is a great cereal. I’m not sure the heart healthy effects that they advertise are all that truthful, but the cereal does taste good.

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