Movie Review: Yesterday

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Score: 7/10

Yesterday is a romantic comedy that focuses heavily on its premise relating to music of The Beatles. I read somewhere that the majority of its budget was spent getting the rights to play The Beatles’ music and after seeing this movie, that was definitely a necessity for this kind of film. It’s a cute film and a nice excuse to revisit the music of The Beatles.

The story focuses on the character of Jack. Jack is an aspiring musical artist and is mostly failing at it. Suddenly, the world blacks out and somehow forgets who The Beatles are and all their music. Jack then decides to perform and sell the entirety of The Beatles discography as his own music and launches an impressively successful film career. Underlying this whole thing is an unrequited romance between Jack and his manager and childhood friend, Ellie (played by Lily James).

The first and foremost thing you get out of this movie is simply listening to some good covers of The Beatles most popular songs. The film does a good job injecting a bit of narrative emotion into these scenes.

The second most important thing you get out of this movie is the romance. This is primarily a romantic comedy that focuses on the characters of Jack and Ellie and how this career he created from music he didn’t write gets in between them. It’s not a complex romance, but it’s straight forward and cute.

These two elements of the film taken separately would not be enough to make an enjoyable film. Taken together, Yesterday is a decently entertaining movie. You get some listenable music and a little cutesy romance.

What helps the most is the money they through at production of this film. A lot of recognizable celebrities take up supporting roles. Some notable names are Ed Sheeran, Kate McKinnon and James Corden. Ana De Armas makes an appearance, but her scene was deleted, which is just stupid because any appearance by Ana De Armas is sure to increase revenue for your film. Lily James is also as charming as she usually is when playing this kind of love interest role.

Overall, this was a cute movie. It’s not particularly complex, but I still enjoyed it. This movie is probably far more enjoyable for actual Beatles fans who grew up when The Beatles were in their prime. One scene in particular would be particularly emotional for true Beatles fans. Personally, The Beatles were before my time. Still a fun, not stressful movie.

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