Restaurant Review: Doshirak Box

Score: 7/10

We’re living in a post pandemic world. In order for a restaurant in New York City to survive in this environment, it needs to either have outdoor space or delivery and takeout. Doshirak does not have outdoor space, but it does have the fortune to be a primarily takeout and delivery business, even from before the pandemic.

Doshirak Box focuses on Korean home style food. This food is reminiscent of Japanese Yoshoku cuisine, which is basically Japanese interpretations of Western style foods. Some obvious examples are omurice(or omelet rice, basically fried rice wrapped in an egg), fried chicken cutlets and hamburger steak (which is really more of a meatloaf than a hamburger patty). Because this is Korean style food, we also get the classic Korean foods like bulgogi, spicy squid, kimbaps and Korean style ramen.

I’ve been here twice now, both for lunch. On weekdays during lunch hours, lunch specials get 15% off from their normally listed price. As each lunch special ranges around ten to fifteen dollars, that’s about a minimum of $1.50 off.

I’ve had the Omurice, which was pretty good.The fried rice was seasoned very well and had some mushrooms in it. I’ve also had the Japanese style Donkatsu (fried pork cutlet) which was pretty good. None of the food here is mind blowing. It’s just simple, straight forward and tasty.

Overall, this place was great and I’ll probably visit again during a weekday for that 15% off.

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