Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

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Score: 6.1/10

I watched this movie a while back and generally thought it was trash. I recently revisited this movie again and was surprised that while it isn’t fantastic, it was not as bad as I remembered it.

This movie is a reboot of the Fantastic Four movie franchise. The core concept is on four individuals who gain extraordinary powers through a failed science experiment.

The first half of the movie I found very interesting. It largely retells the origin story from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic books. I enjoyed seeing the Fantastic Four as a young group of people rather than an old group of people.

The second half of the movie veers off from the comic books and goes its own way. I like some of the originality. There’s some hints that the director wanted to take this in a horror movie direction, but that fizzles out and eventually ends up going the same way as most of the Marvel superhero movies. That means a big, bombastic battle against a big bad villain. It’s redundant and actually one of the worst aspects of the formulaic Marvel superhero movies, which is why it’s sad this film decided to adopt it.

There are also some disjointed elements of the movie that scream mismanagement from the studio executives. The most glaring one is that Susan is white and Johnny is Black. There was clearly some disagreement on what race these characters should be and we ended up with a white girl and a black guy as siblings. This is barely addressed in the plot and it’s clear there was a difference of opinion on what their races should be.

Overall, this isn’t a great movie, but it’s not terrible. There were a lot of interesting, original ideas here, they just didn’t coalesce particularly well.

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