Movie Review: Jurassic Park

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Score: 7/10

I remember watching Jurassic Park when it first came out. It was ground breaking. There was literally nothing like it that came before. It did for special effects and animatronics what The Matrix did with special effects and bullet time. Decades later, I decided to give it another watch and while it still holds up (which is a miracle considering how old it is), it’s not as great as I remember it. In many ways, it’s just a stereotypical horror movie where all the problems are caused by the characters doing obviously stupid things. It’s exactly the kind of horror movie I hate the most.

Jurassic Park is about a wealthy guy who wants to open a theme park where dinosaurs roam the land. Through some genetic engineering, he manages to do so and invites a couple of experts over to look at the park and give their approval to the project. That’s when things go wrong, the dinosaurs break free and people start getting eaten.

What is interesting about this movie is how positive it is despite all the death. The first half of the movie is mostly a science fiction movie that marvels at the miracle of bringing dinosaurs back from extinction. If you’re watching this in 2020, this first half isn’t amazing because special effects have jumped leaped and bounds since 1993. If you watched this in 1993 on a big screen, the visuals would’ve been miraculous. It’s not so miraculous now.

The second half of the movie is a horror movie. It’s sadly the kind of horror where you have to watch characters make obviously stupid decisions in order for there to be some plot. I won’t say it’s unrealistic. Since Coronavirus started, people in reality have been beyond stupid so the idea that these characters would act stupidly is actually very believable. However, it’s still cringe worthy and hard to watch such a stupidly written plot. It’s clear that the special effects are the main attraction of this film and the writing took a back seat.

Visually, the movie still holds up. It still looks dated, but that it remains watchable is an achievement.

The music is great. The theme song to Jurassic Park is amazing in that it is memorable and recognizable, even today.

Overall, this is a decent movie. That it remains entertaining despite it being made decades ago is an incredible achievement. The passage of time has made many of its flaws more obvious though.

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