Manga Review: Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband

Details: Also known as 極主夫道.

Score: 7/10

Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband is a comedy that explores what happens if one of the most dangerous Yakuza that ever lived becomes a house husband. Even more amazing is that it recently won the Eisner Award for best international material. The Eisner Awards are like the Academy Awards for comic books.

The story centers on “The Immortal Tatsu.” Tatsu was once known one of the legendary Japanese gangsters ever, but has since retired from his criminal life, married and lives his life peacefully as a house husband. Unfortunately, some old habits are hard to shake and he uses the intensity of a Yakuza towards accomplishing the most mundane of tasks.

While there are recurring characters and very light, overarching plot line, each issue is mostly self contained. It’s like a weekly comic that you’d expect to see in a weekly newspaper. This comic has a few pages, but each issue isn’t that long.

The humor basically centers on Tatsu overreacting to mundane situations like doing laundry or shopping with the intensity of a gangster. It reminds of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu where one of the characters would constantly respond to ordinary situations with a military response. One such example is when Tatsu breaks one of his wife’s favorite dolls. Tatsu then takes the doll and buries it as if he was disposing of a dead body. Most of the humor is along those lines. It rarely get tiring because of how short the issues are.

Overall, this was a really funny comic. It’s a set up I’ve seen before where you combine the extreme behavior of one situation to that of an ordinary or mundane situation. It’s still a lot of fun. The only downside is that it may be hard to get a lot of the jokes if you aren’t familiar with a lot of the mainstream tropes associated with the Yakuza or Japanese organized crime.

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