Manhwa Review: The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as 달빛 조각사.

Score: 7/10

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is a very standard iekai genre story. It doesn’t do anything new or special, but what it does it does decently well.

The story takes place in Korea and is about a Korean player in a virtual reality online game. This game is special because you can make real money in it and our protagonist is set on getting rich from the game.

The story here strongly resembles stories like Sword Art Online, Overgeared and any other isekai story where the protagonist goes to a fantasy world with video game rules.

The art is fine. The artist and art direction clearly change at about issue fifty and around issue 120 (I think…). The general style becomes more cartoon-y, which isn’t bad.

As a sucker for the genre, I still enjoyed this manhwa. I must still recognize that there’s nothing unique or special here.

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