Manhwa Review: Slave B

Details: This comic is currently ongoing. Also known as 슬레이브 B

Score: 7/10

Slave B is mostly a standard shounen story (even though this is a Korean comic) but differs in that the protagonist starts as a tortured slave.

The world of this comic takes place in a fantasy world of magic and monsters, The story centers on Niro, who was a baby found by a two married slaves. The slaves raise the child as their own until Niro’s parents die in cruel ways. Niro then decides to find a way out of slavery for him and his siblings. This primarily consists of trying to graduate from a prestigious military academy and elevating his social standing.

Like in many shounen stories, what kept me most engaged was just wanting to see this person who was suffering some of the worst life could dole out get out of his terrible situation. A constant theme throughout this series is Niro’s suffering. Just when you think he’s crawled out of his pain, something else comes along to remind him of his social standing and return him into hopelessness and depression. Luckily, things do get better for him (so far) and he does triumph.

The art is fine.

Overall, this comic pushes all the buttons of the shounen genre by giving us a protagonist that overcomes dizzying odds as he pursues a way out of his incredibly painful life.

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