Comic Book Review: Kill 6 Billion Demons

Details: I think this is currently ongoing. You can read the whole thing for free here:

Score: 6.2/10

Kill 6 Billion demons started off as a web comic, but was bundled out and sold in hard copies soon after. You can find it on Amazon if you search for it. This comic isn’t bad, but it’s a strange case of a story with too much world building and building of a world that is too convoluted. There’s a pace to these things.

The story centers on Allison. Allison is about to lose her virginity to her boyfriend when an inter dimensional rift open up and her and her boyfriend get sucked in. When she wakes up, she finds that she is in a world of gods and demons and that she has a gem of immense power implanted in her forehead. She must now navigate this strange new world as she seeks to find her boyfriend and get the hell out.

This story is largely about world building so if you like that, you’ll probably like this. It kind of feels like a Sanderson novel on steroids. There’s just so much going on and so much information and strange dialogue being thrown at the reader. The pacing is just to fast. I wish more time was spent on character building and less fictional dialogue styles were used since they make reading this book a chore.

The world itself is a mix of supernatural stuff with angels, demons, godlike beings and multiple realities. It’s just a lot of standard fantasy and science fiction ideas thrown together into on pseudo christian mash up. As said above, it’s a lot.

The strongest part of this book is the art. One of my favorite things to see in comics is when they draw huge diagrams explaining complex structures. They do that here and I enjoy going over these big maps and diagrams. The design of all the creatures is also interesting and captured my interest. There’s a lot of intricate art and a wide range of colors used.

Overall, this book is fine for the art alone. The story does not pace well and does an insufficient job properly building up plot developments. The world building throws too many things at the reader and I found myself not caring about much of the story or its characters as I was reading through it. The art is sublime though, and that was the main reason I kept flipping pages.

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