Manga Review: City of Love Prison

Details: I think this is currently ongoing. Also known as Koi Goku no Toshi, 恋狱都市,恋獄の都市,戀獄都市.

Score: 7/10

City of Love Prison starts out as a bit of horror, but quickly turns into a psychological thriller with supernatural elements. There’s some fan service, but the overall story is still that of a psychological thriller.

City of Love Prison is about a high school kid with a crush on a girl. One day, the kid see something he is not supposed to see and the girl he likes is torn apart into dust. The girl then re-materializes in front of him. No one else that was present remembers what has happened except for him. When another classmate starts dropping clues about what happened and the true nature of this world, our protagonist now must smarten up and risk his life in a battle of wits against powerful enemies and what is likely the god of this world.

There isn’t that much action in this comic. It’s definitely not shounen. It’s more a thinking kind of story. The protagonists are trying to oppose an enemy that controls various people and has them under constant surveillance. In order to escape death, they must constantly learn about their own circumstances and try to evade the enemy’s surveillance.

A lot of the tension revolves around trying to fight this unseen enemy. The enemy can control people, so you’re never really sure which new characters are trustworthy and which ones are not. The enemy is also constantly watching, so you’re with the characters as they try to deceive everyone around them in hopes that the enemy doesn’t know that they know that the enemy exists.

The art is pretty good. It’s average I would say.

Overall, this was a good read. I will say that the most recent issues are not that great and the developments there felt bumbled. Despite what will likely be a weak ending, I still enjoyed this series.

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