Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

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Score: 7.6/10

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the Tom Cruise’s best movies and an instant classic of an action/science fiction movie. I could’ve sworn I reviewed this before, but I can’t find any trace of a review, so here’s this one.

The movie takes place in the near future. Aliens have invaded the Earth and all the world governments are mobilizing to fight them back. Tom Cruise plays a cowardly officer forced to fight on the front lines. After being killed during his first battle and ingesting some alien blood, Cruise’s character finds that every time he dies, he’s forced to relive the same day and that same battle over and over again. Now, he must find a way out of this infinite loop and also figure out a way to win that battle and defeat the aliens.

Everything about this movie is so well done. Visually, it looks amazing. The art direction and special effects are immaculate. Even better, this film uses a substantial amount of practical effects, adding to the believability and atmosphere of the world. There are a lot of practical stunts and a ton of real props they made and used for this movie. It’s really impressive.

The story itself is enjoyable and constantly keeps you guessing. It’s like the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog’s Day, except with aliens and a ton more action. Like in Groundhog’s Day, each time Cruise’s character is revived, he tries something new. After the first couple of repeats, the film starts playing with the audience’s expectations and things get more and more surprising.

While this is an action movie and it is mostly serious, what surprised me about this film was how funny it was. There is one scene in particular where he gets run over by a car and makes the most cowardly sound a human being can make. It is the rare Tom Cruise movie that allows him look bad, but it helps endear his character to the audience.

The music is also very fitting.

Overall, this was a great movie. It’s one of those movies I enjoy so much that every time I see it on the television, I end up watching the whole thing. The only thing I disliked about this movie was the marketing for this movie when it came out. This movie did not make much money when it was released because they couldn’t figure out how to market it. Now that it’s been a few years and its popularity has grown, I hope they figure out some way to make a sequel because I just loved this movie, its concept and its execution.

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