Manga Review: Gantz: E

The above clip is not from Gantz: E. It’s just to give you a taste of what Gantz is about.

Details: Gantz: E is currently ongoing.

Score: 7/10

Gantz was one of my favorite mangas. It came out years ago and had this crazy, science fiction theme, but was more about survival in life threatening situations than anything else. The best part about Gantz was its unpredictability. No character was safe. The author of Gantz has now returned with a spin off series that takes the concept of Gantz and places it in feudal Japan.

The original Gantz series centered on a core concept. At the moment of death, people were transported to a room with a black ball in the middle of it and were fully healed. They would soon learn that they would be provided weapons to go and hunt monsters/aliens.

During the hunt, you’d get to know some of the characters and their backgrounds, which made their potential deaths that much more impactful. That’s the thing with this series, no one was safe. At the end of each mission, lots of people would die. Sometimes, everyone died. Sometimes, no one died. It was truly random and sometimes devastating to watch your favorite character go. On the other hand, when a character that you’re sure would die survives in the most triumphant way, it is a revelation.

The art was also interesting in that it combined 3D images with hand drawn art. It’s a  unique style that I haven’t seen elsewhere. The art diection is also interesting in that the monsters’/aliens’ appearance combined modern elements with the fantastical. For instance, one hunt took place in a dinosaur museum and they ended up having to fight fire breathing dinosaurs. It’s crazy.

Which is why I’m so excited about Gantz: E. It takes the crazy from the original series and transplants it to feudal Japan… which is even crazier. What’s fun is all the weapons they had from the modern age also transfer over. They have all these futuristic guns in a feudal time period.

The first monsters they fight are also interesting as they are feudal soldiers with the heads of crows. There’s usually a boss enemy they have to fight who is also insane, but I haven’t seen it yet. I imagine it will be some kind of lightning wielding crow or something like that.

Overall, the series is still young, but I’m already excited. The art is as good as the original series and in the same style. That offers a unique style that other comics don’t have.

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