Comic Book Review: The Old Guard: Force Multiplied

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Score: 5/10

Since a movie based on this comic book was coming out, Greg Rucka decided to write a second five issues miniseries to coincide with the movies release. Since the pandemic screwed up the timing of the movies release, the book just released by itself. It’s still a good read if you’ve read the first five issue miniseries.

The Old Guard is a story about a small group of immortals who go around killing bad guys. The story picks up where the last comic book left off. It’s also pretty much where the movie ends, so if you care about spoiling a potential sequel to the movie, you probably shouldn’t read this.

The story centers on Andy, the leader of our small group of immortals. Noriko, Andy’s old girlfriend, shows up and causes all sorts of trouble. Noriko’s pissed because she believes Andy abandoned her and Noriko spent the last hundred years drowning over and over again because Noriko is also immortal. Now they need to have a reckoning.

What sucks about this comic is that nothing happens. There’s some fighting and some dialogue, but there are no developments. There’s a little character development, but I felt like I just wasted a bunch of time reading this plot-less drivel.

Overall, this book wasn’t great. This book was really meant as cross promotion with the movie, which got screwed up because of the pandemic. By itself, the book accomplishes nothing and doesn’t really tell a story where anything happens.

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