Movie Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

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Score: 7.2/10

Of the four Bourne movies (five if you include the one with Jeremy Renner), this one is by far the best. The action is the best choreographed, filmed and there’s just a ton of it when compared to the other movies. There is tons of shaky cam, which is a little nauseating, but shaky cam is a signature of this franchise.

The story is mostly irrelevant as it was in the past movies. Bourne is trying to figure out who he is and this trip takes him all over the world. The one interesting bit of this story is that it picks directly from the middle of the prior movie, The Bourne Supremacy. Some of the events in this movie actually take place during that movie, which is a creative bit of narrative and timeline mixing.

Bourne movies generally have three types of action. One is evading pursuers by using parkour and the environment to your advantage. The other is a hand-to-hand fight scene using everyday objects. The last is a car chase.

There are three on-foot evasion/chase scenes in this movie and they are the best this franchise has ever seen. What makes them so interesting is the locations themselves and how Bourne must improvise to escape within these environments. For instance, Morocco is a densely populated city and as Bourne tries to escape, he jumps from roof to window and runs through people homes since its so densely packed. In another scene, Bourne uses the crowds at Waterloo station to his advantage.

While there aren’t that many fight scenes, there is one big on in the middle of the film that is great. The build up to this fight scene is full of tension and culminates in a suspenseful, yet hilarious fight scene where you get to see someone get beaten with a book. The only thing bad about this fight scene is the copious amount of shaky cam. I’m divided on whether I like the shaky cam or not since it does add something to the energy of the fight scene, but it makes it difficult to see what’s going on.

Then there’s the car chase, which is good, but nothing ground breaking.

The music in this one also does a great job to set the mood and build suspense.

Overall, The Bourne Ultimatum is in my opinion the best Bourne movie to have been made up to this point. If you enjoyed any of the other Bourne movies, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this one.

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