Movie Review: The Bourne Identity

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Score: 7/10

I remember when this movie first came and the effect it had on all the action movies that followed it. It was a watershed moment in the action movie genre. All of a sudden, tons of movies started adopting more brutal fight scenes while using random objects in the environment and with tons of shaky cam. It all started with this movie.

A young man wakes up on a fishing boat off the coast of Germany. He has no memory of who he is. Despite that, he seems to be able to speak multiple languages and is extremely skilled in espionage and combat. He soon begins to unravel his involvement in a massive American conspiracy.

The story and acting is just okay. The most impressive thing about this movie is the directing and fight choreography. Shaky cam has a lot of flaws, but it adds something frenetic to the fights.

This film also established the standard Bourne film formula, which is a close fight scene using ordinary objects, a car chase scene and an escape scene where the protagonist must creatively use the environment to escape pursuers. This formula is repeated in all the subsequent movies. While predictable it is also very enjoyable because each film attempts to increase the creativity used in all of these types of scenes.

Overall, this was a good action movie. The cast is also surprisingly star studded with Clive Owen and Julia Stiles making short appearances.

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