Manga Review: Record of Ragnarok

Details: Also known as 終末のワルキューレ, Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.

Score: 7/10

Record of Ragnarok is an action manga (maybe shounen) that pits mythological gods against prominent figures throughout history. The art is very good.

The gods of all the earth have convened and decided to end humanity. Brunhilda, a demigod, invokes an ancient rule where eleven gods must fight one versus one against the eleven strongest humans who have ever lived. If the more humans win the fight than gods, then humanity is spared. If the humans lose, humanity ends.

The strongest part of this comic is the art. Not just the amount of detail used, but the style and direction the artist uses for each of the characters is interesting and unique.

The characters chosen to participate in the fights are also interesting and seeing how they match up is fun. It’s definitely very shounen, but the quality of the art elevates everything.

So far, you’ve got to see characters such as Zeus, Hercules, Buddha, Jack the Ripper and the biblical Adam to name a few. It’s fun watching these characters portrayed in the hyper exaggerated anime style.

Overall, this is a fun series that I will continue to read. It’s not a very complex story, but it doesn’t need to be since it’s mostly focused on action.

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