Movie Review: The Sentinel

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Score: 6.5/10

Normally, when you see Keifer Sutherland in a political oriented story, you expect him to go rogue at some point and hunt down bad guys. Which is why it is so jarring to see that this movie stars Michael Douglas, who then goes rogue and hunts down the bad guys. Sutherland just has a supporting role, though it is prominent throughout the film.

The Sentinel is about a secret service agent who is framed for an assassination attempt on the American president. That agent — played by Michael Douglas — then goes on the run and tries to catch the actual assassins.

It’s a very standard political thriller with a very average story. What’s interesting to me was how old Michael Douglas is and that he is the protagonist instead of Sutherland. After the success of the 24 t.v. show, I would think that Sutherland would get top billing in any movie he gets cast in. Strangely, the much older Douglas is the star here. It is made even more odd because the audience now gets to watch an old guy try to do action scenes. It’s a bit like watching Liam Neeson do stunts in the Taken movies. They’re simply too old for it to be believable. At least there weren’t that many action scenes in this film.

The other interesting thing about this movie is the cast. There are a lot of big names (or formerly big names). Bassinger is here. Eva Longoria at the prime of her career is here. Sutherland is here and doing his best Jack Bauer character. It’s a great cast. Unfortunately, the story is average.

Overall, this was a nice Sunday afternoon time killer. It wasn’t so  bad a movie that I wanted to change the channel, but it’s certainly not an amazing movie. The primary thing that kept my interest was the notoriety of the cast.

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