Manga Review: The Struggle of a Love Flag Girl

Details: Also known as Renai Flag Zero Joshi no Meisou, 恋愛フラグ女子の迷走, and 恋爱FLAG 女子的迷航

Score: 7.2/10

The Struggle of a Love Flag Girl is a hilarious, self aware manga that plays off all the tropes of a shōjo romance manga.

On the surface, Himeki is a normal, kind, gentle high school girl. In reality, Himeki is a thirsty slut who will do whatever it takes to get as much penis as possible. Despite her efforts, all attempts at love have been in vain up until now. When she suddenly decides to move to an island where hot guys outnumber girls 99 to 1, it looks as if she’ll finally get the penis she so desires. Unfortunately, little does she know that a curse on the island only allows love on the island to be between guys (yes homo). Now, we get to watch Himeki make one hilarious, failed attempt at love after another while leaving a trail of successful homosexual relationships in her wake.

Each issue follows a similar formula. First we pick a standard, shōjo romance trope. One issue was about the forbidden romance between teacher and student. Another was the forbidden romance between two fake siblings who live together. This is all standard shōjo anime stuff. Then we get to watch our protagonist hilarious scheme and manipulate people into what she hopes will be a successful romance. Then we watch her fail as object of her affection hooks up with a guy he had a crush on. Rinse and repeat.

Something I love about this manga is just how disgusting of a human being the protagonist is. She’s a real slut and doesn’t care about other human beings except to how attractive they are and whether or not she can hook up with them. Some of the face the artist draws of her are hilariously ugly. It reminds me of the comedic faces used in shows like Gintama. Just big nostril frowns.

I also love the main supporting character, Fujita. He’s a cross dressing homosexual who also can’t succeed at love because the curse only allows love between men. Since this character identifies as a woman, her attempts at love also fail. Himeki and Fujita are often enemies, but sometimes collaborators as the two try to find impossible love on the island. What’s great about the two is that when they aren’t pursuing romance, the two drop all pretenses and return to the truly ugly human beings that they are.

Overall, The Struggle of a Love Flag Girl is a hilarious comedy that plays of the tropes of shojo romance manga. It’s self aware and sometimes crude. I think what drew me to it most is that the protagonist has an ugly, perverted personality, but is hilariously charming in that perversion. I’m familiar with male characters like that (especially in shounen stuff), but I haven’t seen that many stories with female versions of that character. Maybe I just need to read more shojo stories.

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