TV Show Review: Rick and Morty, Season 4

Details: Official site is

Score: 7.3/10

Rick and Morty recently finished its latest season and it’s about as good as it’s always been. Which is to say this season was great.

For those unaware of this show, Rick and Morty is a animated comedy that is meant for adult audiences. It stars Rick (the smartest man in the universe) and Morty (his grandson) and the adventures they get in. It is a very referential show that constantly draws from pop culture for its jokes. Specifically, it heavily relies on references to science fiction.

Overall, if you enjoy adult, potentially offensive humor and have a broad knowledge of science fiction oriented pop culture, this show is for you. This fourth season continues the success of the prior seasons and is as entertaining as everything that came before.

If I could have only one complaint, it’s that many of the jokes get too meta, too fourth wall breaking, and too self reverential. In many of the episodes, there is a sense that the show is often praising or admiring its own brilliance… which isn’t funny or fun to watch. I hope the show stays humble and spends less time in the future analyzing itself. There’s a balance between low brow toilet humor and needlessly complex jokes meant as commentary on story structure. Somewhere in the middle is where I’d like the show to be.

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